Get Rid of Wires

Stop banging your head against the wall anytime you want to plug in your earphones. Just take them out of the case and be done with it.


Wires Get Easily Tangled

Ever had a moment where you were in a hurry and couldn’t untangle your earphones? You’re lying if you said no.

The CopyPods don’t get tangled up – becasue there are no wires to get tangled.

Charge Easily With The Charging Case

Battery Life is 2-4 hours depending on the volume, which is plenty to go for a run or do some exercises in the gym.

Charging is made easy with the provided charging case. Just put them inside and give them an hour to charge.

The case is good to charge your earphones 4 times, after that you’ll need to recharge the case.

Discover The Ease of Wireless

There’s no need to mess around for 10 minutes untangling the cables. Take the CopyPods out of the case and you’re done.

Ultra-Fast Connectivity

You’ll feel no delay when using the CopyPods for whatever task you need to.

Watch Movies 

Watching movies is a breeze with the Copypods. Just take them out of the case, and they’ll be connected automagically – assuming it’s not your first time connecting.

Bluetooth 5.0 makes sure the connectivity is ultra-fast with minimal sound delay.

Because there’s nothing more nerve-wrecking than sound delay when watching a movie.

Listen To Music While You Study 

It’s proven that music can help you improve your focus while studying. Using wired earphones is one way of doing it but going wireless is really what you want.

With the Copypods, you won’t have to bring your laptop to the kitchen with you just because it’s a hassle to take off your earphones.

With the CopyPods there’s no need to take off your earphones to go grab a book you need.

Life gets much easier with the CopyPods.


Connect To Any Device

Your device doesn’t need a headphone jack to connect to the CopyPods – no wires.

Use With Anything That Supports Bluetooth

And They Come At an Awesome Price

Apple Airpods would cost you $150.  The CopyPods come at 1/10th of that price.

The difference in quality is minimal, it shouldn’t be hard justifying a purchase like this.

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Battery Life: 2-4h
Charge Time: 1h
Color: White
Button: Yes
Battery Case Capacity: 4 Charges
Microphone: Yes
Wireless: Yes

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